Top Pacific Construction Inc.

Incorporated in 1994, Top Pacific Construction Inc. has been building or remodeling a broad range of commercial and residential projects in Seattle and surrounding cities.

Our attentive team caters unique needs of each project and we are able to customize design each project that best meets your special requests. We serve the needs of the people, and are happy to be a part of your next building dream.

We take pride in our work and create projects that bring value to our customers. With our skillful team and years of experience, we provide expert construction services to handle your large and small size project on time and on budget.

If you are looking for a reliable team with professional quality and affordable service, Top construction Inc. is here to help. Call us at 
(425) 562-9888 to receive a free estimate for your next project.

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  • New Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Commercial, Restaurant, and Residential Remodel
  • Construction Management and Consulting
  • Architectural & Engineering Design/ Permit Application

Residential Development & Remodel

Experience has given us the ability to make choices that reflect the interests of owners. Whether it is a simple kitchen remodel or a brand new residential development, we have expertise in all areas. Give us a call today and we will show we can build your next dream project together.



Construction & Renovation

With years of on-the-job success a strong problem solving skills, Top Construction Inc. always finds the best solution to handle your project within budget and time. We believe in excellence; our reliable estimating ensures on time delivery and your highest satisfaction.


Consulting Service & Project Management

Aside from general contracting, we also handle consulting service and project management. From initial architectural & engineering design, permit application, to final project delivery, our trained staff will work with you every step of along the way to achieve the best result.


High End Restaurant Remodel

Transformed from an old, outdated diner to a classy high-end Japanese restaurant in heart of Downtown Seattle, Redfin is one of many restaurant remodel projects completed in 2006.

Residental Remodel

Aside from added comfort, renovation of an older house also increases your final sales value. Remodel process does not take long, yet the outstanding result can literately "sell" itself. Our skillful team will work with your schedule to create a stunning transformation that best fits your time and budget.

Brand New Residential Development

Single Family House Renovation & Addition in a new lot. Five brand new houses were built, complete with plumbing, electric, and private road entrance.

Outdoor Patio

Materials used for the outdoor patio is proven to keep its condition in the worst of weather conditions.

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